Fear of Public Speaking

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Picture this; you are in a meeting or event, everyone is pitching in and sharing their opinion and it is your turn to speak.Suddenly your heart starts beating faster, your hands get a bit sweaty and you feel dizzy and incredible uncomfortable knowing you are next.It is time to pick up the microphone or stand […]

Our Emotional Body

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“A physical wound takes only one or two weeks to heal, but a psychological wound caused by tactless or malicious remark can take years to heal; if they do get heal at all.Therefore, watch your words that they don’t hurt others”. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. have you ever found yourself in the middle of […]

How are we affected by Colors?

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“By experiencing the living element in the flow of color we come, one might say, out of our own form and share the cosmic life” Rudolph Steiner We live in such a colorful life. Colors are surrounding us everywhere; from your favorite clothing to the painting you have at home; From the beautiful flowers lying on […]

How do I prepare myself for a PKP Kinesiology session with you?

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I often get asked  How do I prepare myself for a PKP Kinesiology  session with you? PKP Kinesiology is a unique set of a combined holistic approach as it encompasses the best of Eastern and Western medicine and it is not uncommon to be wondering what to expect from it. Before your first session you will recieve […]

6 reasons Not to go to a PKP Kinesiologist

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Would PKP Kinesiology will be good for me? Here I would like to share when it is NOT a good time to have a PKP Kinesiology balance (session). 1.When you are looking for quick fixes I do understand that we all have very tight schedules, and we tend to extremely busy, so looking for a […]