Raising The Vibration Of People
Raising The Vibration Of People
Raising The Vibration Of People

Our Body Wise

Our Body Wise

Professional Kinesiologist Practitioner,

PKP™ Kinesiology Teacher,

Pranic Healer,

Sound Therapist

Our Body Wise Expertise

Our Body Wise and Laura’s expertise comes from travelling abroad and studying with international teachers and
healers as well from understanding the need for connection and healing not only mental health

but also emotional and physical ailments to raise the vibration of the world.
Laura honors the holistic approach as she truly believes we are so much more than our mind

and body; we are multidimensional beings.

She is committed to continually provide her knowledge in improving and releasing a variety
of ailments and empowering her clients at all levels through PKP™ Kinesiology, Pranic
Healing, Sound Therapy, and Healing and Consecrating Physical Places around Thailand and

other parts of the world.

Global Presence

Our Body Wise is highly recognized, with a wide-ranging sphere of clients around the world.

True To Our Word

Our Body Wise is dependable, genuine, loyal, devoted to her Clients, and always meets her commitments.

Customized Holistic Service

Our Body Wise provides top-notch, holistic services that are tailor-made, for a variety ailments.

Who Are Our Body Wise Clients?

Our Body Wise provides proven, reliable holistic services to a sizable amount of clients from around the world. Her clients range from private individuals to SMEs to large companies, spanning an extensive part of Thailand and the globe, looking to improve their energy levels & vibration through Pranic Healing, Sound Therapy, Kinesiology, and Cleansing & Consecrating Physical Places.

What Clients Are Saying
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